Delilah & Rio Puppies Mar 3 2010

Our puppies have started their new adventures in their new homes.  We wish them all love and happiness, it was very sad to see them go, but we know we have found them the very best homes! 

 We are in the planning stages of having another litter, if you are interested in a future LosSombra Puppy please drop us a

  Time is flying by the pups are 8 weeks old already.


Will we have Puppies?  Only time will tell.  Delilah has been bred with Rio aka Los Arribas Rebel Without a Cauz.  Isn't he a handsome boy! 


If all goes according to plan, Delilah will have puppies the first week of March.

Delilah is booked for an ultrasound on Feb 11th we will know for sure, but I do believe she is expecting!!!!!!!

Yes!!!!!!   We have puppies!!!!!!!

The Ultrasound found three very active healthy puppies with strong heart beats, there may be more hiding.  We will have an x-ray done in a couple of weeks to get a more accurate puppy count.  If all goes according to plan Delilah should deliver the first week of March.

We Have Three!!!

March 3rd, 2010, three little red babies were born.  Two boys and a girl!  Mom & pups doing great!

First born Lil Red Girl, then Big Red Boy, and Lil Red Boy all doing great.  More pictures in the photo gallery.

Spring is in the Air



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