Puppies 2012

July 5, 2012

Thank you everyone for all your inquires, Piper has found a wonderful home!

July 1 2012

And now back to two.  Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control and situations change this is the case for Piper's new family.  With great regret they have returned her and she is now looking for a new forever home.  If you are interested in this wonderful little girl please email me debbie@lossombrahavanese.com for more information.



June 17, 2012

 And then there was one!  All the puppies have joined their new families and are settling in.  It is very sad to see them leave but we are very happy for their new families and all new adventures they will have.  Smudge will be staying with us, which makes it easier still having one puppy here. 

My computer is really acting up and I haven't been able to edit any videos but I promise that as soon as I can I will up date with pictures and videos from the last two weeks.


June 10, 2012

The puppies are 10 weeks old now and have started heading out on their new life adventures!  This is such a happy / sad time for us.  We are so happy for the puppies who are going to some great families, but we will miss them.  Jasper was the first to leave yesterday, I hear he had a great first night with his new family!  Poor Casper, his sisters have no one else but him to pick on now.   Piper will be the next to leave and last but certainly not least Casper will be with us for another week. Smudge will be staying with us!  I hope to get some videos edited and up soon and some more pictures later today.


June 6, 2012

The puppies are 9 weeks old now and love to play!  There nap times are getting shorter which means I have less computer time.  House work takes a long time with mandatory puppy play breaks!

 Friday the puppies went to school and met lots of kids, they had a great time.  We had a very busy weekend of playing outside.  Today we had a road trip to Halifax for hearing testing.  The puppies did great!  A little car sick but they can all hear just fine!  I was trying to get some photos of the pups and this mosquito kept getting in the picture.


 The puppies are getting really helpful in the kitchen!

 More pictures uploaded into the gallery!


May 30, 2012

I knew the sunny weather was bound to end, we have had rain the last couple of days and the puppies were not impressed about going out and getting wet.  I they thought I was nuts when I placed them on the wet grass and asked them to go "Pee"  At this point in time I would not say they are trained it is more like I'm trained and know when to take them out.  They will catch on! 

Today was a big day, a road trip to the vet for their puppy shots and microchip, they all did great and got a clean bill of health!






May 27, 2012

I feel like a mom of a batch of newborns, the only time I can get anything done is when the puppies are sleeping.  I haven't had much time for the computer this week sorry for not updating more frequently.

It has been a very busy week, puppies are spending lots of time playing outside and this week's road trip was to the barn to visit the horses.  More pictures in the gallery




May 21, 2012

Puppies had a very busy weekend filled with lots of time playing outside and visits with their new families.  We have started to train the puppies to "go" outside and they are catching on very quickly.  Two of the puppies now have new names.  

7 week weigh in:  Casper is 2 Lbs 13 oz, Smudge is 2 Lbs 11 oz, Bentley now Jasper is 2 Lbs 14 oz and Cookie now Piper is holding her own at 2 Lbs 8 oz.

 Getting good pictures of the puppies is getting to be a really challenge with my broken camera  





May 17, 2012

Finally got the outside puppy yard set up the puppies got to play on the grass for the first time and loved it!

 More to come tomorrow!


May 13, 2012 (part three)

Puppies first Road Trip.  The puppies traveled to my mom's today for Mother's Day.  They were really good in the vehicle only one puppy got sick on the way there and no one got sick on the way home!   The puppies loved all the special attention from family and friends.




May 13, 2012 (part two)

Bath pictures from yesterday as you can see they were not impressed with the whole thing!





May 13, 2012

 The time is just flying by, the puppies are already six weeks old.  Casper is now 2 lbs 5 1/2 oz, Smudge 2 lbs 3 oz, Bentley 2 lbs 5 oz and little Cookie is holding her own at 2 lbs 1 1/2 oz.  The whelping box has been put away, the puppies are sleeping in an open crate at night and Delilah is back to sleeping in her crate in our room.

Yesterday was a very busy day, all six dogs had a much need bath, the puppies didn't really like it but they were very good about it.  Another busy day today, will upload more pictures later.   Here are four fluffy clean puppies eating their supper.


May 6, 2012 

Puppies first adventure outside, lots of new photos in the gallery .


May 6, 2012

I do apologize for the late updating.  The puppies are now 5 weeks old they spend their days with the family in the kitchen / living room and are having a great time.  Delilah's work is getting easier, she only nursing the puppies three or four times a day, me on the other hand my work has just begun.  They have gone from little puppers to little poopers!    Pee Pad training so going really well, they hit the pad about 85% of the time!  Which certainly helps with the clean up.

Started crate training, they love their new bed.  Dogs are naturally "den" animals they love the cozy feeling of a crate.  It gives them a feeling of security.  



May 1, 2012

Puppies are loving the new adventures in the kitchen.  New sights and sounds.  New toys to play with.   They love the baby food and gobble up in no time at all.






April 28, 2012

 Uploaded a new video of the puppies 3 weeks old and puppies first taste of food today 

April 27, 2012

The puppies are 4 weeks old today!  This week will be a week of firsts.  I'll start taking them to play in different rooms of the house and they will have their first taste of baby food.

Today they spent some time in the kitchen with Delilah at their side the whole time to make sure everyone was fine.

 Uncle Lester came by to make sure everyone was fine too!


  Sam stopped by to say Hi!

More pictures in the gallery, I'll get some individual pictures taken and up, hopefully, this weekend.


April 25, 2012

The Puppies are getting to be so much fun.  They run to the side of the whelping box to greet you.  They are testing out their voices with little barks.  They are starting to play with toys I think this is my favorite age. 

 My daughter is teaching the puppies to read.

Dual belly rubs


April 24, 2012

Playing with some names today.





April 23, 2012

I'm not happy with the individual pictures, I'll have to do them again in the meantime here are some group shots.






April 22, 2012

The puppies turned three weeks old on Friday.  I'm sorry I have been slow at updating.  Puppy weights:  Casper 1 lb 3 /58 oz, Smudge 1 lb 2 1/8 oz, Bentley 1 lb 3 5/8 oz and last but certainly not least Cookie 1 lb 1/8 oz. 


I'll update with individual pictures later today.


April 18, 2012

I uploaded three videos to the video section I hope it worked.

April 17 2012

The puppies are really starting to come to life, they are toddling around the box. They are starting to re-act to voices and they are trying to play with each other.  I has been a very busy few days around here, I have taken some video and hope to get it edited and up loaded in the next couple of days.  I have started an album in the photo gallery  for the puppies.

 Delilah has started allowing Sam to have little visits near the puppies.  She still watches very carefully.




It is Friday the 13th, and the puppies are 2 weeks old today!

Peek-a-boo I see you!

 The puppies have opened their eyes, the girls yesterday and the boys today.

 The puppies are steadily gaining weight.  Casper is still the biggest at 15 1/4 ounces, then Bentley at 14 3/4 oz, Smudge is 14 oz and Cookie is the smallest at 13 1/8





April 12, 2012

One thing I can certainly say about puppies, they sure know how to get comfortable!






April 9, 2012

Puppies are doing great, they have been very busy growing, sleeping and eating!

The kids have been thinking of names for the pups while there are with us so far they have come up with, Left to right, Cookie, Smudge, Casper, and Bentley.


April 6 2012


Puppies are a week old, all are doing great.  I'm having issues with my camera, the sensor is not working properly sorry for the quality of the photos.

White boy is now weighs 10 1/2 oz

 White & black girl weighs 9 1/2 oz


 Black & Tan Boy weighs 10 1/4 oz

 and last but certainly not least Red Sable girl weighs 9 1/2 oz



April 4, 2012

Down for the count!


April 3, 2012

Delilah and the puppies are doing well.  The pups are all steadily gaining weight, they have all gained at least 2 ounces. It amazing how fast they grow.

It is very interesting who Delilah will allow around her pups.  I can handle the puppies without her giving it a second thought.  If the kids or hubby handles the pups she is right there making sure everything is fine.  She thinks out cat Lester is a very good babysitter and will often leave him in charge of the puppies when she is away.  Sam on the other hand is not allowed anywhere near the puppies.

 Here are a few pictures from today.





April 1, 2012

Puppies are all doing well and have gained weight!

Every time I look at the patch on the little parti girls rump I see something different, it is like an the old ink blot test!  What do you see?


March 31, 2012

Here they are!  Mom and pups are doing great!







March 30, 2012 

3:00am  First puppy is born, a boy creamy white 

4:05 am Second puppy arrives, a white and black girl

4:35 am  Third puppy, a black & tan boy

4:55 am Number four arrives, a red sable girl.

Mom & babies all doing great.   I will take some individual pictures later today.  Now I need a nap!




March 29, 2012

Puppies are coming!  Delilah has begun pre-labour!



March 26, 2012

How many puppies can you see?




March 19, 2012

Only two more weeks

 Rub my belly please!


March 10, 2012

Delilah is feeling great, her appetite is increasing according to Debbie Jensen's pregnancy calendar the puppies are fully developed miniature dogs and we should be able to feel the puppies move soon!


March 5, 2012

Yes!  Delilah is indeed pregnant!  Vet is pretty sure that he can count FIVE!  Puppies are due approximately April 2nd.   We could have April Fools Babies!


March 4, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day, Delilah's ultrasound!

We have been away, taking the opportunity for a little vacation time before the puppies arrive, I'm thinking positively.  If you have sent me an inquiry and you don't hear from me in the next couple of days, Please email me again in case I have missed an email. 


February 19, 2012

 Fingers still crossed, Delilah seems to be having a bit of morning sickness. ultrasound is booked for March 5th.  Soon we will know for sure.

February 10, 2012

The waiting game begins, Delilah and her new beau Kat have been on a special "date" we will know the first week of March if we will have spring puppies.  Fingers and toes crossed.

 Ch Sonrisas Katsura GCN is owned and loved by Nathan & Darlah of Talemaker Havanese their website is https://members.webs.com/

I think they are going to make some beautiful puppies together.


January 18, 2012

 Plans and arrangements are in the works for a spring litter, stay tuned for more details. 

 If you are interested in a LosSombra puppy in 2012 let me know.  You can reach me at debbie@lossombrahavanese.com



Spring is in the Air



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